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    PSN Online Card Code Generator

    Enter your PlayStation Network account email, Select any of the available CDN server's such as USA1, US2, France1, France2 and Select the PSN card value for which the code will be generated. Time to click on "Generate Code".

    Enter email address

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    Best Features of our PSN Card Generator Tool ?

    Easy to use

    Just follow the steps show above, you will be taken to the generated psn code after generating the code using our tool. Its easy as 1, 2, 3.

    Browser based

    No download is needed. We have developed this online application so that the user's dont need to download anything and fear for their system's security.

    Updated regularly

    We keep the generator updated regularly by fixing any issues/bugs reported by our user's. All the generated codes work with any of the available PlayStation Console's.

    Video Tutorial

    Watch the video tutorial to understand how our generator works.

    The video is under development.

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    About PSN Code Generator Project

    We started our psn code generator project first in november 2013 to provide unlimited free psn codes to playstation lover's. This is our first release we serverd more then 500K psn codes to our happy user's in just a year. We have improved our system and stabilized it to accommodate ten's of thousand user's at a time who are looking to generate psn codes.


    I have been using this psn code generator tool from couple of months and i am really very impressed with the tool. Please, dont take this site down.

    Dennis Wallace

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    I love playing PS4 games in my free time but cant afford money for new games. I came accross this site from and at the fisrt i didnt think this could work. But to my surprise it worked and i got a $50 psn code for free in march 2015.

    Milly Rachel

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    Though you have a limit of only $50 psn code's a day this is still impressive. I hope you guys will fix the minor bugs here and there. Thank you.

    Tony Robinson

    Playstation Network User


    How long will this generator be live ?

    We are running this website from more then 2 years. So, it is very unlikely that we will take it down in near future. Enjoy the codes.

    How to reveal the complete code ?

    In order to protect our system from abusing (many user's taking more then 1 psn code per day), we have implemented a filter where you need to prove that you are human and not automated bot.

    When can i redeem the psn code after revealing ?

    You will have upto 24 hours to redeem the code in your PSN account afte revealing. After 24 hours the code will get inactive.